Alberobello Light Festival 2017

From September 30 to October 8, 2017, Alberobello returns to glory for the second international LIFE Alberobello Light Festival.
The Agit Youth Association of Tourism and Lightcones, respectively responsible for the Festival’s Organizing and Artistic Directorate, confirm for the second year in a row the collaboration with the caretaker Carole Purnelle (Ocubo).
Eight true visual artworks will illuminate the center and some of the most characteristic spots of Alberobello. Eight artists will once again show their personal interpretation of light and art of light.

Artist List:

  • Visualia Group
  • Bright Illusions
  • Matthew Watkins
  • Natalija R. Črnčec and Nina Šulin
  • Sophie Guyot
  • Ocubo