Appointment every Sunday at 11 am in front of the Norman Svevo Palace
The visit is only by reservation and the ticket costs 15 euros. We recommend you book early. For information: IAT (Information and Hospitality Office) of Bari, Piazza Ferrarese, tel. 080 5242244

For those who want to visit the city from a special perspective and at the same time touch the rich history, underground Bari is a night-time tour that, in the company of accredited archaeologists, leaves the Underground Norman Castle Underground and crosses underground the old town.

Along the way you can reconstruct the life of the whole city: from its first settlement, with a hut that dates back to the Bronze Age, passing through the Roman era and the glorious glory of the Byzantine Empire’s capital in the West when he asked for Christian and Byzantine were at a short distance from each other and all around houses and shops were developed, just as it happens today in old Bari.
The guided tour of Bari Underground clearly shows that all the old town has grown on strata later on: houses and churches were built on the remains of the former ones and still today can be found tombs, pots and remains of hearths: the subterranean of the St. Nicholas Basilica, for example, conceal an ancient early Christian basilica.