Where you can eat the best focaccia in Bari?

Obviously, the diatribes are always on who is the best focaccia of the city, and tastes and habits change with the years but some names seem unmistakable, such as VIOLANTE in the Madonnella district, or the historic PANIFICO FIORE in Bari Vecchia (the locale obtained in an ancient Byzantine church is worth visiting), MAGDA in Piazza Umberto, kingdom of hungry students, or IL FOCACCIARO of Via Cognetti, also famous for its panzerottini filled with a thousand tastes.

The barese focaccia, or “fcazz” if we like to say it in dialect, accompanies us all our lives. It begins to eat in the early years of the school as a refreshing snack, growing it becomes the hot spot to buy in the oven with the girlfriends at the bell’s sound, and then still companion of walks, worn to bring home to friends when you find yourself see a movie or a game, romantic accompaniment for a sea-going getaway with your girlfriend, fast lunch in work breaks and so enjoyable gift for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

The barese focaccia: excellence in street food

The secret of its omnipresence in everyday life is its simplicity, in fact, the barese focaccia never tastes and can be eaten every day. Above all, Puglia is the region’s street food par excellence, and there are plenty of opportunities for a quick and tasty snack.

When we speak of a focaccia, in Bari we talk of a round wheel made of flour, yeast, water and salt and seasoned with oil, fresh tomatoes and olives, which can be found in all the bakeries in the city (but not only).

The price is unbeatable (a whole wheel ranges from 3 to 5 euros and serves as a snack for four people or for lunch for two) and the awareness of being able to find it always hot and steamy make it perfect and popular street food.