DI COSIMO (Via Modugno 31, Carrassi): Institutional, iconic. Passing the front door of the small local spartan means drifting into the traditions of a city, savoring daily habits and rituals where generations of Baresian folk follow up to devote themselves to crafted wisdom and folklore, simply leaning on a car's bonnet. And there is no cold, rain or heat to stop the flow of hungry in a trepidative wait, to enjoy a piece of Bari.
CIBO' (Piazza Mercantile 29, Bari Vecchia): Tradition it rhymes with innovation and here, together with the classic stuffing, are offered combinations for the most demanding palates, combining salami, vegetables, cheeses and other goodies. The walking panzerotto makes a delightful companion to wander around the Wall, the Lungomare and the alleys of the ancient village
IL FORNACCIO (Via Francesco Crispi 87, Liberty): In the heart of one of the most popular is one of the most established references, especially for those who love the traditional fried version, among the best in the city. The more gear is in the choice of typical ingredients and of a high quality level: and on certain evenings, the row to order them extends. The wait is always benevolent with gourmets.

The oven panzerotto is known throughout Italy, also with the name of”calzone”. But the fried panzerotto is almost exclusively a Barese delight, although it is not uncommon to find it in other regions of southern Italy. Although it is a simple ingredient and preparation specialty, the rest of the nation is almost never able to serve a good panzerotto: they almost always fall on the dough, too thick and spongy, or in excessive filling that swells too much to make it something of different.

The real Panzerotto Barese is instead a fragile and steamy bomb stuffed with a tomato and mozzarella puddle, just contained in a “strong but thin” mass that, in unkempt hands, is likely to open causing memorable burns of hot mozzarella, he has experienced in person.

Today, tradition gives way to new varieties of panzerotti and panzerottini fried, so we can find them with turnips, with meat, with onion, with mortadella, with speck and provolone and these innovations continue to make it survive in the habits of the youngest, eager for novelties in street food.

Do not forget to match this specialty with an iced beer, which is also essential to refresh the palate in case the panzerotto is really boiling!