One of the best walking tours of the Old Town, departing from Porto.
To arrange the tour you must contact directly at tel: +393512058468


The PugliArte Social Promotion Association was born with the aim of making the Puglia's cultural heritage rich in history and enhancing it in all its aspects. Significant is the commitment to the management of museum areas, tourism promotion projects, organization of cultural events and events. Historians, art historians, archaeologists, psychology educators, pedagogy and theatrical educators make all activities an opportunity for growth and knowledge, capable of responding to any educational and training needs and creating diverse cultural paths and innovative.
COSTS 8,00 euro (visit without entry); Euro 15.00 (with entrance to museums included); 11,00 euro (Fizzarotti palace without aperitif); 15,00 euro (Palazzo Fizzarotti with aperitif). Costs may change according to the event or changes by the management bodies.
* Tickets for the Cathedral support (€ 3.00), Svevo Castle (€ 8.00), Nicolaus Museum (€ 3,00), the Diocesan Museum (volunteer camp), the Church of San Michele Arcangelo (1 euro) and the Palazzo Fizzarotti (€ 5,00) are included in the cost of the visit (costs are variable for changes of the site manager or museum).
* Required reservation at