The Norman Svevo Castle is open every day except Wednesday from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm
Full ticket: € 3, Reduced € 1.50, free from 0 to 18 years.

Built on the former castle wanted by Roger Norman in 1131 (part of the name), this building was completely destroyed in 1156 and rebuilt according to Frederick II’s wish of Swabia in 1223 (hence the rest of the name). Today, like a thousand years ago, the Norman Svevo Castle stands out over the old town of Bari, protecting its main entrance, and overlooking the sea here. In addition to the important historical value, the Castle is the home of the Architectural and Historical Heritage of Apulia. It is one of the most important Romanesque monuments in Italy.

The building is made up of two distinct parts: the Mastio, the one reconstructed by Frederick II, includes two of the original towers, while the other part includes the bastions and other towers added in the 1500’s. A bridge over the moat welcomes visitors all ‘entrance: On the inside there is a Gothic portal and a Renaissance courtyard. On the ground floor the Castle houses a gypsum plaster with some of the most important monuments of Apulia.