Bari’s seafront was inaugurated in 1927 in the Fascist era: beyond ideologies, today it is one of the city’s famous walks and a unique opportunity to admire at a glance a series of late Liberty style palaces, and same time breathe the atmosphere of Bari, between green parks and an unparalleled panorama on the Adriatic.

The real glue of Bari is definitely its promenade. Built during Fascism (1927) to connect the future Fair of the Levant with the city, it comes to the south to the opposite end of the city.

Let’s imagine for a moment what Bari was supposed to look like before building it with the wall of the old town that was peaking over the sea and the Castle that dominated the area without buildings around it.

Reminds of a suggestive, but objectively less comfortable and enjoyable time than today. It is unthinkable for us to think of the city without the long promenade with its benches and the characteristic lanterns, an ideal destination for so many baresi that make footing, perhaps at sunset or at sunrise, when the sun seems to ignite sky and water giving us dreamy atmospheres send back to Istanbul.

Let us then describe a walk on the seafront of Bari, starting from the Levantine boundaries of the city, namely from the beach of Pane e pomodoro.

Lungomare Perotti

Pane e Pomodoro. The Baresi Beach, ideal for a hot summer season, and a great sunset view all year round. From here you will see the sun falling behind the palaces and churches of Barivecchia.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro

Immediately afterwards, going to the center, we find the monumental promenade with the fascist architecture of the INPS building, the Region Area, the Pinacoteca, reaching the roundabout, with the Albergo delle Nazioni on the side.

Lungomare Crollalanza

We are now almost in the center, on the left we admire the liberty art of the Kursaal theater in Largo Adua, and then the suggestive pier San Nicola, with the fishermen of Nder la lanz, the Circolo Canottieri, and we arrive at the Teatro Margherita marking the initiation of the “peninsula of Barivecchia”.

Lungomare Augusto Imperatore

Here we circumnavigate the old town in full, with the wall looking out to the left, and arriving at the harbor, full of gigantic cruise ships.

Lungomare Starita

A bit of the road and we arrive to the other peninsula of Barese, namely San Cataldo. Apart from the seafood restaurants, the University Sports Center and the Lighthouse, this is the Kingdom of the Levant Fair, which dominates the area and of which we follow the perimeter to Lido San Francesco, another historic beach in the city.

Lungomare XIV Maggio

We are now in San Girolamo, to host the longest waterfront in Europe.