Petruzzelli theater

The Teatro Petruzzelli is the most prestigious cultural container in Bari and Puglia and is the fourth Italian theater in size as well as Europe’s largest private theater. Located in the heart of the city, on Corso Cavour, it is not far from the Palazzo dell’Aquedotto Pugliese. Opened in 1903, in 1991 was destroyed by […]

Bari underground

For those who want to visit the city from a special perspective and at the same time touch the rich history, underground Bari is a night-time tour that, in the company of accredited archaeologists, leaves the Underground Norman Castle Underground and crosses underground the old town. Along the way you can reconstruct the life of […]

The Pinacoteca Corrado Giaquinto of Bari

The Pinacoteca Corrado Giaquinto is located in the Palace of the Province, on the seafront, and is an important testimony of Apulian art and culture with collections of paintings, clothes and furnishings from the year 1000 onwards. There are twenty-two rooms to visit: among the most important are the medieval sculptures from 1000 to 1400, […]

The Norman Svevo castle

Built on the former castle wanted by Roger Norman in 1131 (part of the name), this building was completely destroyed in 1156 and rebuilt according to Frederick II’s wish of Swabia in 1223 (hence the rest of the name). Today, like a thousand years ago, the Norman Svevo Castle stands out over the old town […]

Basilica San Nicola

The Basilica of St. Nicholas, in the heart of the old city of Bari, is one of the most striking examples of architecture in the Romanesque Puglia. Romanesque style was built between 1089 and 1197 during the Norman rule. Tradition wants the Basilica to be erected following the arrival in Bari of a group of […]